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Order a tailored 3D printed silicone liner


Grab your scanner

Since we manufacture Your Liner based on real patient leg shape, you first need a scanner.

We recommend using an iPad, the structure sensor and the YourLiner app for a simplified workflow but you can also use another scanner if you have one. 

If you do not have either, we can provide you with a scan kit:


Download guidelines

Structure sensor


Guidelines & iOS App 

(from your iPad click on the app icon below)

Download guidelines


Download iOS app (on your Ipad)

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi and log-on to the app

  2. You are now set and ready to order !

Other scanners


Guidelines and Order form

Download guidelines

Download order form

  1. Print out the order form.  

  2. You are now set and ready to order !



Scan and send

Now simply follow the instructions in the design guidelines with your patient.

Here are our terms and conditions for the order:

Terms & conditions

  • If you are using the app: The app will send us the data once you have finished the process.

  • If you are using the order form: Simply send it to us via email or and we will do the rest. 

Should you need further support we can advise on best liner thickness, suspension type, silicone shore and more... If you have any questions, any at all: do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

Please use the website chat or contact form at first. We will contact you within 24h.

First trials are free: if you are not satisfied with the liner, you will have nothing to pay. We value your satisfaction and successful patient equipment above all. 

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The best type of care possible is determined in consultation with the physician, the orthopaedic technician and the rehabilitation team. The suitability of a product depends, among other things, on your physical condition, physical fitness and a detailed medical examination. Let specialist advise you on the best prosthetic equipment for you. 

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