Your™ Scan Kit

The liner-making tool of professionals

  • Easily acquire and protect all the hardware and software tools you need to digitalise a patient's limb

  • Make sure these tools are always compatible with each other and up to date. This helps us to continuously provide you with the best quality of service possible.

What's included:

An iPad with Your™ Liner app
installed and configured for you 

A Structure sensor and mounting

Erasable skin safe MotionTech pen for drawing design indications

A metal tape measure to easily take measurements

You can also order Your™ Liner
by using any other 3D scanners, or
a dedicated paper order form 

Laminated instruction sheets to have all ordering instructions at your fingertips



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The best type of care possible is determined in consultation with the physician, the orthopaedic technician and the rehabilitation team. The suitability of a product depends, among other things, on your physical condition, physical fitness and a detailed medical examination. Let specialist advise you on the best prosthetic equipment for you. 

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