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Ordering made easy

Simplify your workflow with the flexibility of our platforms

Due to recent server configuration changes in Belgium, our ordering platforms are currently out of service for people trying to access them from there. For Belgian users, please use the following links instead:

Fitting a new patient with Your® Liner?

Place an order from a new 3D scan:

Free online platform to configure Your® Liner

Upload your scan file on the platform

(stl, obj, ply, cpx, iMed)

Patient already fitted with Your® Liner?

Renewal Orders, warranty claims, complaints:

Easily order duplicate liners, with or without modifications

Place warranty claims

Click here to begin the ordering process:

Click here to begin the follow-up process:

How do these platform work ?

No need to download an app or a software


No account needed


Only CPOs can order


We'll contact you if something is unclear in your order

On the go ?

Placing the order right away by filling our online ordering platform during the scanning appointment with the user is not always ideal.

Download and print our Memo Sheet to make sure you collect all needed information during the appointment, so you can place the order later when the setting is adequate.

Looking for more ?

Explore our FAQ page for quick answers regarding scanning and ordering!

 Find a partner center near you and take the first step towards a better future today!

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