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Ordering made easy

Simplify your workflow with the flexibility of our platforms
Fitting a new patient with Your® Liner?

Place an order from a new 3D scan:

Free online platform to configure Your® Liner

Upload your scan file on the platform

(stl, obj, ply)

Patient already fitted with Your® Liner?

Renewal Orders, warranty claims, complaints:

Easily order duplicate liners, with or without modifications

Place warranty claims

Click here to begin the ordering process:

Click here to begin the follow-up process:

How do these platform work ?

No need to download an app or a software


No account needed


Only CPOs can order


We'll contact you if something is unclear in your order

Looking for more ?

Explore our FAQ page for quick answers regarding scanning and ordering!

 Find a partner center near you and take the first step towards a better future today!

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