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Kevin Mamalis is a mechatronics engineer that developed a passion for prosthetics since he is 12 years old.
His vision and enthusiasm drove him to be the initiator of MotionTech, where he now handles the R&D and business development.


Clément Gabry is a nanotechnology engineer from EPFL.
After working as a business developper in technology consulting in the Benelux, he joined MotionTech and took the leadership of the regulatory and legal aspects.


Alexandre Grillon is an artificial intelligence and 3D visualisation specialist.
His experience in the professional world serves as base for leading the project management and financial aspects.

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The company

Origins and activity

Pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing, MotionTech has developed a series of technologies that enable fast and accurate production of anatomically tailored silicone products. 


The company was born out of research and development performed conjointly by two sister Swiss engineering schools EPFL & HEIG-VD. Its smart facilities are now located at the heart of the Swiss Health Valley.

Ranging from additive manufacturing experts and data scientists to ex-CERN silicon based researchers, our team is dedicated to O&P clinic empowerment.

Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: What's next

We aspire to ethically drive mass customisation of orthotics and prosthetic equipment worldwide.

Mission: What we give 100% for

To be a reliable partner for our customers, bring affordable cutting edge mobility solutions to people living with disabilities around the world, and create opportunities which people can dedicate themselves to and grow in a fun and enjoyable environment. 

Values: What we believe in






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