Your™ Liner



The first tailored 3D printed silicone liner

Your Liner in a nutshell

Your Liner  is a custom manufactured liner that prosthetists may order to enhance the comfort of the prosthetic leg. It is fabricated based on a 3D scan of the patient's leg and complies with the prosthetist's exact prescription.

Your™ Liner

a major breakthrough

Protective padding
Shape conform
Compensate pear shape
Suspension method
Express delivery

Ordering process

The easiest way to order a tailored liner

Your™ Liner

a major breakthrough

1. Take measurements

Draw dashed lines around your patients limb and start by taking a few circumference measurements. Write them down in Your Liner iOS application or on the paper order form. 

Additional features

The best option for a tailored liner

There is a lot more you can play on to enhance your patient's life:



Use the suspension
method the most
suited to each patient



Choose the hardness
which matches your
patient's specificities

Fabric design


Personalise the design
of the fabric for you 
or your patient

Get to know Your™ Liner

Some documents to discover Your™ Liner

a major breakthrough



Your™ Liner Brochure


Instructions for use



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The best type of care possible is determined in consultation with the physician, the orthopaedic technician and the rehabilitation team. The suitability of a product depends, among other things, on your physical condition, physical fitness and a detailed medical examination. Let specialist advise you on the best prosthetic equipment for you. 

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