Your™ Liner




The first tailored 3D printed silicone liner

Your Liner in a nutshell

Your Liner  is a custom manufactured liner that prosthetists may order to enhance the comfort of the prosthetic leg. It is fabricated based on a 3D scan of the patient's leg and complies with the prosthetist's exact prescription.

Your™ Liner

a major breakthrough

Protective padding

MotionTech makes Your Liner  based on the design indications of the prosthetist for each individual patient. It thus has padding at exact location on the leg where the prosthetic equipment requires the spreading of the weight load on a bigger area.

Better pressure distribution and avoidance of pressure peaks has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of pressure sores, which could lead to possibility of longer uninterrupted use of the prosthesis.


Also, the prosthetist often goes through less iterations to a reach a successful fitting since the shape of the liner is entirely designed to favour a first time successful fit.

Shape conform

Your Liner  conforms to your exact shape. This helps significantly for several reasons:

It will help remove any air cavity between the leg and the liner that have been reported to create blisters and other skin injuries

It will relieve the pressure on the leg instead of inhibiting proper blood flow due to unadapted liner shapes and elasticities. 

It removes the need for distal caps and other secondary padding. This increases comfort and makes it simpler and easier for prosthetic users to don and doff the liner.

Compensate pear shape

Your Liner shape is completely customisable and thus can compensate for pear shaped limbs*.

We can help with many knee disarticulation, gritti, syme and other pear shaped cases by removing the need for several socket inlays and offering the possibility to use pin-lock, vacuum or full contact anatomical suspensions. 


* within reason, for example 30 mm of liner wall thickness is simply unusable for the prosthetic user as it may be very difficult for him/ her to invert the liner for the donning process.

Suspension method

Your Liner can be fitted with any suspension method required. We are currently finalising fatigue tests on the pin-lock version and thus it will be available soon.

If you are used to doing something in particular with your liners like create an inlet or exterior notch to help with alignment inside the socket, simply let us know and we will do that for you !   

However, suction and cushion type liners are already available for order and we already propose to customise them to your best practises (choose the number of suction lines, their separation distance, shape etc) .

Express delivery

For something so tailored to be delivered so fast remains a technical feat even with the novel 3D printers that we have developed to help us move production along way faster. But the team is fully committed to go above and beyond to help change prosthetic users' lives and for this speed is key.

We commit to shipping Your Liner in less than 5 days from receiving your order, and if we cannot, we will call you and find the best compromise. Your urgencies and priorities are always the center of our focus.  


Ordering process

The easiest way to order a tailored liner

Your™ Liner

a major breakthrough


1. Take measurements


Draw dashed lines around your patients limb and start by taking a few circumference measurements. Write them down in Your Liner iOS application or on the paper order form. 

Additional features

The best option for a tailored liner

There is a lot more you can play on to enhance your patient's life:



Use the suspension
method the most
suited to each patient

Suspension: You can choose between pin-lock, suction and cushion (sleeve / belt) suspensions. We can also develop specific ones on demand.





Choose the hardness
which matches your
patient's specificities

Shore: Currently, each liner features only one Shore. You can choose between Relax (~Sh 0030), and Active (~Sh0050). We can also provide other Shores (e.g. A10, A20, A30) on demand.



Fabric design


Personalise the design
of the fabric for you 
or your patient

Design: You can go for the classic Your Liner style, or ask to add your company logo.

Getting started_edited.png
Fabric design


Get to know Your™ Liner

Some documents to discover Your™ Liner

a major breakthrough



Your™ Liner Brochure


Instructions for use