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How satisfied are our customers about Your® Liner ?

You just found out about Your® Liner and wondering what other people think of it ? Or you've know about it for a while but don't know what to expect ?

Since June 2021, we're giving the possibility to prosthetic technicians to give a feedback about a fitting they just made, through a simple online form.

How Prosthetists grade Your® Liner

To date, to the question "Grade how satisfied your were with the following aspects of Your® Liner", 59 feedbacks were provided, with the following results.

If we're very happy to see that prosthetists are giving great reviews of our service, the grades received for product-related features also show the high level of attention to detail our team dedicates to each product we make.

What did Your® Liner change for prosthetic users ?

To date, to the question "How did Your® Liner impact the following aspects compared to when your patient was using his previous liner", 47 feedbacks were provided, with the following results:

Compared to the solution that the users previously had, Your® Liner seemed to have a minor impact on some categories, such as sweating or daily limb volume change.

However, on Overall satisfaction, which can arguably be considered as the most important criteria, Your® Liner receives outstanding feedbacks !

Why not you ?

Interested in learning more ? Check our our use cases to see more examples of how Your® Liner is used in the field !

Download PDF • 924KB

Curious about how this study was made ? Check out our full report paper:

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