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Help other users by sharing your story!

For each user, we go the extra mile to understand their specificities and give 100% to deliver the best that liner technology has to offer.

But in today's loud and constant flow of information, that is sometimes not enough to spread the word.

Nothing will ever be as powerful as users sharing their experience with our products.

If you are using Your® Liner, take 30 minutes of your time to share your story and help others find out about our solution!


How it works

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1. Intro

Have a quick first chat with our team

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2. Video Call

20 minutes of recorded video call


3. Send Videos

Send a video of you donning your prosthesis

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4. Editing

We edit the discussion into a 1 to 2 minute video

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5. Control

You have the final word: validate before publication

30 minutes might be all it takes for someone else to hear about the solution which will help them get back to life.

Leave your email so we can get started

Thanks! Our team will be in touch soon.

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