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and your prosthesis !

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... And order an additional matching textile to customise the socket !

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Simply indicate the name of the design you want with your order. We'll take care of the rest !

We'll be gradually expanding our portfolio of the textile designs that you can choose for Your™ Liner. Come back once in a while to see if there are some new designs which you like !

Your™ Liner

a major breakthrough

Want something else ?

We're sorry that our current catalog doesn't include what you look for. But no worries, we can print pretty much anything on the textile of Your™ Liner. Get in touch with us and share your ideas, we'll do our best to make something you like !

Note: the few things that we can't print on Your™ Liner:

  • Highly saturated / dark colours (including black, dark grey, etc.)

  • Protected brands